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Get More Out Of Your QR Codes

QRCode Studio bundles all the features you need to create successful QR code campaigns and handle many QR codes. Organizing your QR codes was never easier!

Create Dynamic QR Codes

With QRCode Studio you can create dynamic QR codes that can be edited anytime even after being printed. Adapt the content of already published QR codes over time like changing the URL or switching the content type. Dynamic QR codes give you flexibility to avoid invalid QR codes for already published QR code campaigns. Next to the flexible editing you can also track scanning statistics with a dynamic QR code.

You can also create static QR codes which are a good option for many use cases without the benefits of dynamic editing and tracking scan statistics.

Track Scans of Your QR Code

Ever wondered how successful your QR code campaign is? With QRCode Studio you can easily track the scans of your dynamic QR codes. See statistics about how many people scanned your QR code.

Get Insights about country, city and language of your target group. Know the device type, platform and browser of a scan. Detailed scanning information help you improve your QR code campaigns step by step. With our Excel export you can download all your statistics.

*QR code tracking is not available for static QR codes.

Custom and Transparent QR Code Design

You can go with classic black and white QR codes or you can try to stand out! With QRCode Studio you get powerful features for creating unique looking QR codes that fit your campaign or corporate identity. Create custom colorful QR codes with your own logo.

You can also use the magic of transparent QR codes that merge with your images or design as background. Transparent QR codes work as an overlay on any background images. Good to know: visually appealling QR codes get more scans compared to classic black and white codes!

Bulk Import and List Editing

We want QR code Studio to be a fast and flexible solution for multiple QR codes. Our bulk import feature lets you create many QR codes with just a few clicks via CSV, Excel or textfield. Editing multiple QR codes at once is also no problem. With our list editing feature you are flexible to make changes for a group of QR codes.

Print Quality QR Codes in Vector Formats

Download your QR codes in high resolution PNG images file format or use one of our vector formats like SVG, PDF or EPS.

Group QR Codes in Campaign Folders

Our campaign folders help you to keep your QR codes organized in groups. You can now easily group edit those codes and analyze the overall success of all QR codes of a certain campaign by seeing detailed scanning statistics.

QR Codes for Every Use Case

QRCode Studio offers a wide range of different content types for your QR code. Get the right type for your QR code campaign and be flexible for any use case. We add and improve content types steadily.

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